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How To Improve Your iPhone’s Screen Time Limits

I’ll be the first to admit that I use social media browsing as a crutch—a temporary remedy for boredom that ends up serving as the ultimate procrastination weapon. Like many people these days, I’ve trained myself to view the world through a screen.
I’ve tried entirely detoxing to “unlearn” my scrolling behavior, but whenever I’m back on social media, I binge-scroll.

Putting screen time limitations on my iPhone is a recent compromise that encourages scrolling more deliberately.

I want to become disciplined enough to know when to completely stop working on content.
Yet for the time being, I rely on my iPhone to establish my boundaries. Here’s how you can do it, too.

How to set screen time restrictions on your iPhone to stop doomscrolling

You may set a time limit for any downloaded app on your iPhone using the settings menu. While I usually set limitations for social media, you can do the same for any app you want to give yourself a break from.

1. Examine the settings menu’s screen-time statistics.

Start by going to the Settings app, which is the central hub of any phone and is indicated by a gear symbol. After that, select Screen Time from the menu.

Your daily average figures, which may be a little alarming, will be presented to you after you’ve clicked the Screen Time button.

2. Choose the apps you wish to restrict.

Choose the App Limitations option from the menu once you’ve accepted the idea that passive scrolling adds up to much more than you anticipated. Choose the Add Limit button from there.
A list of apps arranged by category will then appear. After choosing the category in which you wish to restrict screen time, a drop-down menu with certain apps will display.

Click Next after selecting the apps.

3. Define a cap

The time you wish to spend using the apps you chose will now be asked for.

I allotted myself an hour each for TikTok and Instagram throughout the day.

Be aware that each app will have the same time limit if you pick them all at once before tapping Next. Therefore choose the apps in various batches if you want your time limit to change from one app to the next.
The screen interface will display the apps you’ve chosen to limit along with the App Limitations button toggled on (green) once you’ve established your time limits.

To set a different time limit on another program, simply click the Add Limit button and follow the steps again.

4. To avoid temptation, set a “Ignore Screen restriction” passcode.

Making sure that you don’t set the restrictions only to ignore them is the most crucial factor. Set a screen time password if, like me, you know you’ll be far too tempted to repeatedly ask for 15 more minutes.

Despite the fact that passwords aren’t totally secure either, they act as an additional barrier between you and your scrolling habit, offering you yet another chance to practice self-control.
The same way you did to set limitations, hit Screen Time in the settings menu, and then choose the Use Screen Time Passcode option near the bottom of the list.

Next you will be asked to choose a password. Choose a different password from the one you use to unlock your phone so you have to truly think about entering it rather than doing so automatically.

You’ll be required to enter it before disobeying any program limits after setting your password and entering your Apple ID.


On an iPhone, is it possible to limit screen time?

Yes, you may utilize the App Restrictions feature on the iPhone or iPad to set a time limit for various apps. Navigate to Settings > Screen Time on your smartphone, press the App Limits option, select which apps you want to place a time limit on (keep in mind that if you want to set different time limits across a number of apps, you’ll need to select them in batches), and then select your time limit.

How do iPhone screen restrictions function?

You can set a time limit for how long you spend using specific apps with screen limits. You can set limitations between 1 minute and 23 hours, which are extremes but give you a lot of flexibility to decide how much space you want from a certain app. When you run out of time, an alert from your iPhone will display, locking the app for the rest of the day. Try to resist the need to extend your time despite the fact that it is tempting to do so.

Why may my youngster disregard the iPhone’s screen time restrictions?

iPhone will alert users that their allotted screen time is up once it has passed on a certain app. However, there is a choice to disregard the limit at the bottom of the notification. Customers are free to disregard the time limit for an additional minute, 15 minutes, or the entire day. The lock will thereafter be appropriately raised. It takes some willpower to resist using iPhone because it’s just too simple for you or your youngster to disregard rules. However you may set a passcode to make screen times more difficult to disregard. Read the guidelines in this article’s opening paragraph.


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