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How To Screen Mirror Or Use AirPlay To Stream Content From Your IPhone To Your TV

Apple’s AirPlay service enables iPhone users to project their screen onto a TV so they can see and play films and music on the bigger screen. We’ll pay special attention to a few alternative approaches to doing that.
Make sure your iPhone and either your TV, Roku, or Apple TV 4K are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network if you wish to AirPlay to your TV. Make sure your Roku, if you’re using one, has the most recent upgrades by choosing System under Settings. Go to System Update and select Check Now after that.

How to use AirPlay to stream from your iPhone to your TV

We’ll go over the two simple methods for streaming media from your iPhone to your TV: screen mirroring or direct streaming of particular files like images and videos without screen mirroring.

1. Choose the file, then select Share.

I’ll decide which video to AirPlay to my TV. For this example, I just went to my photographs and clicked on a movie.

Choose the movie or photo you want to share, then click the Share button in the lower left corner of your screen.

2. Choose AirPlay.

To discover AirPlay, go beyond your sharing options and touch on it.

3. Choose a television.

You will be able to select a television or streaming device to play your chosen material when the list of available devices on your network appears.

4. Television will play media

The television you chose will start playing the chosen media. With your iPhone, you can fast-forward, zoom in or out, and play live photographs.

How to use iPhone screen mirroring

Screen mirroring is another method of streaming media from your iPhone to your TV in addition to AirPlay. The main distinction between the two is that screen mirroring allows you to view more than simply a video or snapshot, for example, by projecting your iPhone’s screen on the television. Hence, you may read a website or a TV message.

1. Choose Mirroring the Screen.

To reach the Control Center on your iPhone, swipe down on the screen. Then, tap the Screen Mirroring button, which has two overlapping screens.

This will display any nearby or network-connected devices that are available for screen sharing.

2. Choose a TV

Wherever you want your iPhone screen to be reflected on your TV, tap there. I choose my LG HDTV in this instance. Now that your phone screen is displayed on your TV, you may utilize it to find the media you wish to view.
You can use your phone as a remote to control what you’re watching if you play your videos because the video and audio will only play on the TV.


That is how you use AirPlay from your iPhone to a TV. Screen mirroring enables you to share whatever is on your iPhone with others in the room by potentially projecting it onto a larger screen. It is activated via the Control Center, where you may pause, play, rewind, or fast-forward.

How do screen mirroring and AirPlay differ from one another?

Anything you do on your phone will be shown on the TV thanks to screen mirroring, which will show everything on your iPhone’s screen. When you use AirPlay, you may stream media from your phone to your TV without using the TV’s shared screen. AirPlay simply establishes a connection with your smart TV to display the media you want to show, similar to how we listen to music on our phones through a Bluetooth speaker.

How can I stop my screen from mirroring?

After you’re finished mirroring your screen and want to stop, simply swipe down to access your Control Center once more, then choose Screen Mirroring. Tap Stop Mirroring on the following screen.

Why am I unable to AirPlay to my Roku stick or TV?

Now, if you have a Roku and it isn’t listed among your AirPlay-capable devices, you may check AirPlay’s status by going to Settings > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. On this page, you may choose how you like to access AirPlay.

Can a Fire TV stick be used with AirPlay?

It is not possible to use a Fire TV Stick without a third-party app like AirScreen or Apowermirror.

Not all televisions support AirPlay 2, so if screen mirroring your iPhone is important to you and you’re shopping for a TV, make sure it indicates Compatible with Apple AirPlay in the specifications before you buy. You can still use AirPlay to reflect your iPhone screen if your TV isn’t compatible but you have a Roku or Apple TV 4K.

Why won’t my iPhone work with my television?

It’s possible that your phone isn’t connected to the same network as the device you wish to AirPlay to if you receive a notice that says “Unable to connect to “x device”. Verify that the Wi-Fi on your iPhone is activated and linked to the same network as your device.
Restart your phone and television, then try again if the issue continues. Restarting your router might possibly solve this issue.


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