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How To Screenshot On An Android Device

A screenshot is a handy way to keep track of a recipe, demonstrate a problem you’re having with an app, or simply keep a record of what you saw on your phone’s screen.
It’s kind of crazy to think that for the first few years that Android existed, taking a screenshot required rooting the device. That’s changed, however, and all Android devices now have the same screenshot shortcut.

Of course, not everything on Android is created equal, and your phone may have more tools and tips for taking screenshots depending on the manufacturer.
I won’t go over every method for taking a screenshot on an Android phone because I don’t have access to enough of them, but I will go over the fundamentals and maybe even throw in a few extra hints.

How to screenshot on an Android device

The next time something on your screen comes up that you want to remember, utilize the standard screenshot technique for Android devices: In addition to pressing the sleep/wake button, press the volume down button.

The secret is usually to hold both buttons down for a split second, at which point the screen will flash like a camera, signaling that the screenshot has been taken. You only need to swiftly press the two buttons on more recent Samsung Galaxy phones because holding in the buttons will activate the power menu.
When a screenshot is taken, a thumbnail preview of it will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen along with a toolbar of choices for editing, sharing, and even deleting it.

How to snap a screenshot that scrolls

You can utilize the screenshot tool to prolong the screenshot rather than capturing many screenshots of things like a text message or a website. Take a screenshot as usual to start, then examine the toolbar that appears next to the thumbnail.

By clicking the double-arrow icon on Samsung Galaxy phones, you may snap a scrolling screenshot. The button will scroll down a little, take another screenshot, and then pause with each tap. The screenshot gets longer the more times you tap that button. Motorola phones have a button that is comparable to that on Samsung phones, except it continues to scroll and take screenshots until you touch the stop button.

The Pixel phone series from Google doesn’t have an arrow-pointing button. Instead, a button marked “Catch More” is present. When you choose that, a zoomed-out view of the content on your screen and a crop tool will appear. To change the size of the scrollable screenshot, drag that tool downward. After the desired information is included in the screenshot, select Save.


Are there any other methods for taking screenshots?

There are numerous. You can use the S Pen to snap screenshots if your Samsung Galaxy phone supports it. In reality, if the pen is built into the phone (as it is on any Note device or the Galaxy S22 Ultra), you may choose to capture part or all of your screen from the menu that appears when you remove the pen.

Gestures on Motorola and Samsung smartphones can take screenshots. You can swipe down with three fingers on a Motorola phone, but you must first enable the feature in the settings app (simply search for “screenshot” to discover it).
On Samsung smartphones, you can take a screenshot by dragging the edge of your palm across the screen. However, I have a difficult time even getting this feature to function. By looking in the settings app under “screenshot,” you can find the toggle to turn it on or off.

After I capture a screenshot, where can I find it?

It varies. You’ll head there to view your screenshots on phones where Google Photos is the only app available for finding and viewing your photos and movies. If you don’t do the following, it’s not very clear where they are on the Pictures app: Go to the Library option at the bottom of the Pictures app. To access the Screenshots album, find it and tap on it.

When viewing the album, you can enable synching with your Google Photos account if you wish to see your screenshots when accessing the Pictures page in the future.
You’ll use the preinstalled Gallery app on other phones, such those in Samsung’s Galaxy series. To view them all in one place, open the app, tap on Albums, and then choose your Screenshots album. In the absence of that, they will be incorporated with the rest of your photos and movies under the images tab.

How can I distribute a screenshot?

You are given two choices. Depending on the phone you’re using, you can share the screenshot through the Gallery or Pictures app, or you can utilize the toolbar that appears alongside the thumbnail to do it right away.


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